Cool Calendar for 2017

In August I was extremely privileged to journey through part of the Arctic in a small icebreaker, travelling along the east coast of Greenland and then further north to Svalbard. Aurora Expeditions were the organisers and proved quite exceptional in every way. So few people are fortunate enough to be able to glory in the world of ice. I was in awe of the enormous frozen rivers cascading slowly into the sea, the huge blocks of ice the size of buildings calving and crashing from enormous glaciers and the tsunami of waves carrying new icebergs out into the fjords. The colours of this ice: rich turquoises, deep blues and every shade in between. The chance glimpse of a polar bear snoozing on an iceberg, musk ox startled and galloping away over the tundra, an arctic fox exploring rocky crevasses for its next meal. All a photographers dream! I encourage every one who can to go and explore this pristine part of the world before it is too late. Sadly, the Greenland icecap is shrinking. If you are unable to go, then there is always my calendar!

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