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In August I was extremely privileged to journey through part of the Arctic in a small icebreaker, travelling along the east coast of Greenland and then further north to Svalbard. Aurora Expeditions were the organisers and proved quite exceptional in every way. So few people are fortunate enough to be able to glory in the world of ice. I was in awe of the enormous frozen rivers cascading slowly into the sea, the huge blocks of ice the size of buildings calving and crashing from enormous glaciers and the tsunami of waves carrying new icebergs out into the fjords. The colours of this ice: rich turquoises, deep blues and every shade in between. The chance glimpse of a polar bear snoozing on an iceberg, musk ox startled and galloping away over the tundra, an arctic fox exploring rocky crevasses for its next meal. All a photographers dream! I encourage every one who can to go and explore this pristine part of the world before it is too late. Sadly, the Greenland icecap is shrinking. If you are unable to go, then there is always my calendar!

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The local news had been full of the Bloomin’ Tulips Festival and thefabulous tulips growing at the Table Cape Tulip Farm, near Wynyard, North Tasmania. So – Table Cape became the first stop on my latest Tassie break.

The tulips were stunning. The vast range of colours and shapes. Rows and rows of beauties.

As if the tulips weren’t enough on their own, the backdrop was the Table Cape lighthouse with waves crashing on the cliffs below. Plenty of people were there to share the experience, but with a little manoeuvring it was possible to take photos around them.

We also had a break in Burnie, stopping at the Makers Workshop, the Arts Centre was very interesting and the food great! Definitely worth a visit. More information at

If you would like the beauty of tulips in your home all year round (out of season!) I would be happy to provide prints of any of these photos.


The Arctic

The fantastic Arctic. It is so special to have the opportunity to experience such a pristine place. Sad to realise those wonderful glaciers are shrinking.

Please enjoy this video.

A March Tassie Trip

The following are a variety of photos from my recent trip to Tasmania. Most of them are of the North West, an area new to me. What a find! It is stunningly beautiful, and with so many photographic opportunities I will have to make a return trip very soon!

Hobart Wooden Boat Festival February 2015

If any of you are interested in boats, this is an event not to miss. It happens every two years and is amazing - especially from a photographer's point of view!


Penny's New Website

Welcome to my new website! It has taken me a while to get going with the new design and content, but at last it is up and running. It will need a few more tweaks before I am happy with it, but those will happen in due course. I have enjoyed choosing photos and working on the fresh new look. I hope you like it – please let me know.

I have been spending more time doing what I love and that is landscape photography, so you will find pages devoted to just that. Tasmania is one of my favourite places for this - as you can see in the photo!

Beautiful Russian couple eloped to Maleny for their wedding

Irina and Alexander are a lovely couple doing something a little different. They flew from Russia to Australia for a holiday and their wedding, set in the green pastures of a Maleny paddock. IA-4IA-2IA-3IA-6IA-7IA-8IA-11IA-13IA-14IA-13IA-16IA-18IA-17IA-20IA-21IA-24IA-26IA-27IA-30IA-10They are a lovely couple doing something a little different. They flew from Russia to Australia for a holiday and their wedding, set in the green pastures of a Maleny paddock.






Valentines day special offer from Penny Riddoch Portrait photographer Hi Everyone

It has been a very long time since I posted anything, but life has been busy! I'm not complaining with that. I have had a number of lovely weddings as well as portrait shoots. I am now working on a brand new website - long overdue, so keep an eye open for the new look.

Until then, I have a special offer for Valentine's Day, at an extremely reasonable price. It is your opportunity to have that portrait you have always been thinking about, but have not done anything. It could be for yourself, your children, your parents or a whole lot of your friends. I look forward to discussing the options with you!

My Portrait Project

I have being having a great time with my new venture into portraiture. What fun! This is not your normal portrait session. It all begins at Dot and Birdie, where the lucky ladies get their hair and makeup artfully done, before arriving at my studio.

I love using natural light, which adds so much to the photographs. It maybe a little daunting for some, but after a glass of champagne and nibbles to eat, the inhibitions fade and a feeling of fun takes over. Having friends around also helps to create a crazy atmosphere.

I have put together some of my favourite photos, and designed this amazing display album. Here is a preview...

Glamour, family and corporate photography

Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 02 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 03 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 04 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 05 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 06 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 07 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 08 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 09 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 10 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 11 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 12 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 13 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 14 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 15 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 16 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 17 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 18 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 19 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 20 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 21 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 22 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 23 Penny Riddoch Photography Portraits 24