I love to photograph people who are in love, babies who have just been born, giggling children, grown ups who are proud of who they are.

I began carrying a camera when I took the opportunity of travelling the world, with a camper van as my home. What a world of diverse landscapes, people and experiences. Following this, I made my way back to the country of my birth, Kenya. I lived just outside a game park, and would be the first to drive through the gates at the beginning of the day to capture those amazing wildlife shots only possible at the break of day. The camera gave me the chance to explore nature at its best.

I continue to pursue my passion in the spectacular Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland – a natural location for people in love with beautiful places –  I’ll never get bored recording people’s joy in photos.
I love to create beautiful, stylish, photography. My clients say I have a very relaxed style and I enjoy making people feel comfortable. Your memories are precious.
I am also proud to say I have become a trusted photographer for the local community, and have been asked to photograph anything from alpacas and cattle to tourist accommodation and local businesses and have contributed to the local tourism guide.
When I have the odd moment to spare, I am out hiking, taking photos of our fabulous scenery.
Book me for a portrait session, and let me show you how I can create stunning photos. Images that record those unique moments in your life and make you smile.
My work has appeared in books, trade journals, trade shows, magazines and the local press. Photos from my extensive scenic/nature library have been sold worldwide.

While I no longer concentrate on weddings, for four years running I have been a top finalist in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards, voted by the brides themselves.

I am a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

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